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Letter From Mrs. Oss

Dear Haywood 7th and 8th Grade Students and Families,

I hope you all had a good spring break. I certainly hope we get to have school in the near future! 

Who knows what might happen over the next few weeks (or months) in regards to the COVID-19, but in case we are out for the long haul, this will keep you on track as far as what we would be reviewing/learning/mastering for the remainder of the year. 

  1. We would be studying argumentative writing. We would continue various modes of writing in general - who knows what the state writing prompt will be. (Well, we don’t have to worry about that this year - BUT - you still need to be more prepared for next year and/or high school. 

  2. We would continue vocabulary lessons. 

  3. We would continue GUM (grammar, usage, and mechanics). 

  4. We would be studying and analyzing more literature from our literature books. 

  5. We would be reading independently. 

  6. We would be reading at least one more novel as a class study. 

Keep your English Language Arts skills on track and that gray matter working!! 

  • FIRST  - keep a journal of your experience during this time of your life. How has/is this pandemic affecting you and your family?

  • SECOND - finish up all the Language Arts IXL practices. There aren’t many left. 

  • THIRD - keep up the independent reading! Go to to make sure your books are Accelerated Reader books. This way you can take those lovely AR tests when/if we get back to school (and earn tons of points). 

  • FOURTH - On USA Test Prep, I have created practices for you. I’ll make some more later. This will do for now. 

After we know more, and if we are continuing school later somehow, here is the link to our literature book. I will get your login info when necessary. 

Many of you have probably already seen social media posts of educational websites and activities. Conduct your own research for English Language Arts for 7th or 8th grade or middle school. Find several sites and study. Here are a few I have run across:


I do have some study material for you if you would like. If you do not have access to the internet, I encourage you to get these from me in the near future:

  • A language arts packet. When finished, I will send you an answer key.

  • A vocabulary packet. When finished, I will send you an answer key .  

  • If you would like the novel we were planning to read, let me know. 

    • 8th grade - Night by Elie Wiesel is a memoir of a man who survived concentration camps during WWII and all the pain and loss he experienced .

    • 7th grade - Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor is based on her life in Mississippi at the height of the Depression. The Logan family's struggle to maintain their integrity, pride, and independence in the face of racism and social injustice.

  • We have lessons in our binder still also!! 

Please, READ, READ, READ!!  Please do some of the suggestions I’ve given you. If you find something that’s great, let me know and I’ll pass it on to your classmates.

That’s it for now. I hope to see you all soon!!  



Mrs. Oss


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