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Welcome to the Haywood School's library media center. The school media center is staffed by full time Library Media Specialist Aide Mrs. Nancy Butler and part time Library Media Specialist Mrs. DaWanna Glover. The media center has over 6,500 print and non print materials. Print materials include books in Easy, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biography and refrence material. The non print section consist of video and software for leisure and educational purposes. Internet acess is available for student research. The media center is fully automated for circulation and student browsing.


Most of the books in the library are "AR" books, Accelerated Readers. This is a program that allows students to read and test over the book, earning points for sucessfully passing the test. Students may turn in their points for prizes once a month at the "AR" store. Mrs. Butler runs the "AR" store and monitors the "AR" testing.


Each year the Library Media Center adds new books and tests. We encourage our students to make good use of the Library Media Center and we invite any interested person to visit our Library Media Center any time!


Thank you,

Mrs. Butler & Mrs. Glover